• Susan Smith 16 June 2014

    I have just read a headline in the New Zealand Herald (6 June 2014) in which All Black coach Steve Hansen describes Jerome Kaino as "a caged animal" who will be doing all that he can to prove that he is at home among the big beasts of the international game. more»
  • Susan Smith 26 November 2013

    We are part of a tradition that stretches back through the centuries...outwards to all the world's peoples and which touches us within... more»
  • Susan Smith 30 November 2012

    'I am with you always' doesn't mean Jesus will be with a particular church in Syria, France or New Zealand. Susan Smith suggests instead that the Spirit blows where she wills. Coming to grips with that new life can mean facing grim realities. more»
    New life out of death reveals grim realities
  • Susan Smith 22 October 2012

    If we are to be one as Jesus and the Father are one then our primary responsibility is to arrive at a common understanding in respect of the major social issues we face today in Aotearoa New Zealand. more»
    Religion and politics make one
  • Susan Smith 3 September 2012

    My head said 'don't take risks,' while my heart said 'do something else,' for my congregation of mainly women. more»
    Invisibility: it's not rocket science
  • Susan Smith 16 August 2012

    I think that blood donors are intuitively Eucharistic people, not in a church building, but in their everyday lives by pouring out their blood for others. more»
    Common garden blood
  • Susan Smith 4 July 2012

    On Matakohe Island, we break bread together after making the island a better place for young kiwi, native lizards and other native birds. There's something liturgical about the whole morning for me. more»
    Church free liturgy
  • Susan Smith 27 June 2012

    Some years ago I read an article–I cannot remember where–that implied a contemporary Christian engagement with environmental concerns and the subsequent development of eco-theologies was little more than what the author called 'neo-paganism', something to be avoided....But surely the heavens reveal the wonder of God. more»
    Wondering at the heavens