Moments is the online gateway to the contemplative life of Vaughan Park.

The creative work of our poets and writers express and reflect the richness of Christian and multi-faith spirituality, ecumenical inclusivity, and a deepening encounter with the world and its people. We offer an emerging collection of reflections, poetry, meditations, prayers, and liturgies for you to read and use in your own space, wherever that may be.

We hope that our Moments page will give you encouragement, nurture, challenge, hope and wholeness. 

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As well as publishing the work of regular contributors, we invite others from time to time to write for Moments. Our Chaplain, Rev. Sapati Tima is happy to speak with writers, poets and liturgists who would also like to explore the possibility of sharing their work with our readers.  Please take a look at our editorial guidelines for more information.

We seek the exchange of thoughts and ideas as a basis for finding common ground. Views expressed on the Moments page are, however, not necessarily the policy and views of Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat Centre or the Vaughan Park Governance Board. No responsibility is accepted by them for any errors or misrepresentations on the page.