Since 1963, when our wonderful site was gifted to the Anglican Church, we have seen such transformation. Over the years the guests and staff of Vaughan Park have been truly blessed by the generosity of Thomas Vaughan and his family.

Each year we welcome approximately 12,000 guests through our doors. All with a varying purpose for their visits, yet all leaving with a mutually attained sense of peace. 

Whilst funds are received for the services on offer by the Centre, these do not allow for expansion, general upkeep or enhancements on current offerings, both physical as well as spiritual. 

To this end, we have launched three options, whereby those able, can help by contributing towards these efforts, preserving and safeguarding that Vaughan Park remains to be a place of such generous hospitality. 

With affiliate membership benefits on offer, as well as tiered inclusion in our monthly Thankful Thursday, our gratitude and thanks goes out to all those, able to be part of our solution. 

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Friends of Vaughan Park
$10 monthly
$120 annually
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  • Annual Associated Membership
    Access to various Membership Benefits
    - Last Minute Booking Offers
    - Spiritual Offerings
    - Early Bird Access
    - Loyalty Discounts
    - Special Occasions
    Tiered inclusion in Thankful Thursday
    Annual $120 / Monthly $10
    Friends of Vaughan Park
  • Regular Giving
    Uncapped annual/monthly automatic payment options.
    Tiered inclusion in Thankful Thursday
    Optional inclusion to membership based on values.
    Planned Pledging
  • Once Off’s
    Tiered inclusion in Thankful Thursday
    Once-off donation

Thankful Thursday

Our way of saying thank you

A monthly draw, where all contributions are eligible for a tiered Thankful Treat. Sharing our centre with you, in the best way we know, our generous hospitality.

  • - $10

    Morning tea for you and a friend

  • $11 - $50

    Lunch for you and 2 friends

  • $51 - $100

    One night for 2 people, sharing in a twin room. Breakfast included.

  • $100 +

    Two nights for 2 people, in our double en suite room. Dinner and breakfast included.