The Pentecostal lady apostle from Brisbane

Tess Ashton

7 June 2015

The Pentecostal lady apostle from Brisbane

The pentecostal lady apostle
from Brisbane
heard recently
at a women’s conference
had a dream
Aunty came to visit
after a bit
was leaving for home
back over a perilously rising

You can’t go now aunty
you’ll drown…
but Aunt Hope
was determined
and quickly made off
toward the gushing stream

The apostle tried her best to stop
the worst from happening
but fast as a firebrand
the old lady
threw herself
Into the swirling foam

come back Aunt Hope
come back
come back Hope
come back
cooome baaaack

but now Aunt Hope
was being washed away
like limp tinder
until her plucky foot struck a sandbank
and held her fast

then the apostle
plunged forth
and believing with all her heart
reached out and
grabbed Aunt Hope’s hand
she pulled and pulled
and pulled until
the two lay gasping
on the grass

Oh said Aunt Hope
I’m going to come
and live with you
sleep with you
in your double bed
in your motel home
never leave you
Ok thought the apostle
I’ll cope

It was a dream remember

Pushing her luck Aunt Hope said
but I’ll have to bring
my friend with me
and the apostle thought
that’ll be a squeeze

but ok
the friend can have
the little annexe
off the main bedroom
there’s a bed
pretty messy
lots of junk on it

so the friend arrived
and had a look and said
oh no
I’m not sleeping there
I’m sleeping in the double bed
with you and Hope
where you and Hope are
I’ve gotta be
said Aunt Faith

And that’s the story of how
the pentecostal apostle
from Brisbane
got hope back
and once she got hope back then
faith moved back too

soon it was all

moving mountains
from here
to there
faith stuff
true evidence
of hope’s return

©Tess Ashton