We See The Light

The Rev. Dr. Peter Millar

17 December 2017

We See The Light

In violent times,
beautiful words,
centuries old,
resonant with truth:

‘Because of your light, Lord,
we see the light.’*

That light, even now,
our terror-stricken age
with the possiblity of change:
offering our over-burdened hearts
a resting place
that a deeper compassion
may be our companion –

an energy of love
to struggle for justice,
to be a wounded healer,
to share what we have,
to carry hope in our hearts,
to laugh and to love,
perhaps, all in one day!

©Peter Millar (previously published in Candles and Conifers, Wild Goose Publications)

Image Holding in the Light, www.cofchrist.org.