The fire of Divine Love

The Rev. Gayanne Frater

25 March 2016

The fire of Divine Love

Focussed was I,
on the pain of fiery rage
I lost sight of fire's beauty.
Divine energy
within us all,
quickening us to love.
Inner fire heats,
hallows hope
and compels us to act
in love.
Sparks fly,
across darkened expanse,
echoing ancient truth -
light shines in darkness.
Fire harnessed,
blazes a trail
through darkest night,
in our deepest loneliness.
Fire of life,
divine Love,
in the coldest night - warm us;
at the deepest point of fear,
- grant us courage;
through the darkest night
shine a light of hope and love.
Divine love,
fire of God,
drive out all fear,
that we may truly
be worthy
of our calling
to be human.

©Gayanne Frater

Image: The Carabosse Fire Garden, Auckland Domain 2016, Gayanne Frater