Swing Trilogy

Tess Ashton

27 July 2015

Swing Trilogy


I wake to your jiving
you’re wired
hot as rock guitars
rollicking with the fences
to the top bush line

and hills
you play a mean base
your grasses ripple
lit gold
young flames shooting
electric rain

and above
the clouds raked into
icing swirls

this feast of joy
is working
hills and clouds and trees
like me
are celebrating

Dufy’s holiday dazzle

you’re a
minstrel of joy
when I read that description
I knew
what I knew
was true
your Eiffel towers
your yachts
and hotels
erupting in a mass of
couldn’t care less
have work to do
point to
the dazzle of holidays
entrenched happiness

Van Gogh go go

it’s a Van Gogh go go
breaking the heart
of everything apart
hill and tree and clouds
are rocking
while the wind
of a Dufy summer
keeps everything
breezy and
happily together

©Tess Ashton
Image Two dancers 1938, Henri Matisse