Peace Starts Here

Ana Lisa de Jong

25 April 2019

Peace Starts Here

Peace must start here.
In the battlefield of our hearts,
where our wills seek their way
and our wants collide with others.

Peace must be brokered
in the dark of our thoughts,
where our wounds lie exposed
to our bitter judgements.

Yes, peace must be sought
in the ashes of our anger,
where we sift through the wreckage
for what can be salvaged.

But as long as we seek reasons
for our anger to be justified,
or even look for evidence
that we can put it aside;

while we seek things redeeming
in our neighbours eyes,
we miss the point of peace,
and we will never find it.

For peace is only brokered
when we give up our positions.
When we recognise that each of us
will never be right.

Though our neighbour
may hurt us, and justice be denied,
our standpoint’s also wrong,
when cemented by our pride.

For peace is gentle,
and its power is in the unexpected
way that it dilutes the enemy’s ability
to wound us.

Christ poured his blood,
out for those who did not deserve it.
And we stand on the ground
where those who’ve died before us,

cry out not for vengeance
but for us to restore
that for which they once fought,
and fell.

And it starts
not on the streets, or the battle-lines
so dearly bought,
but in the resolve of our minds

and our hearts.

©Ana Lisa de Jong
Living Tree Poetry