For the Advent Wreath

The Rev. John Fairbrother

1 December 2014

For the Advent Wreath

For the Advent Wreath

To be prayed as each candle is lit.

Advent 1

A first candle:
Light, as breath,
bringing life to
islands, sky and sea.
For creations gift,
our prayer and praise.

Advent 2

A second candle:
Starlight’s fall
amid dust of life.
A moment to
enlighten freedom,
justice, love.

Advent 3

A third candle:
Trusted light,
southern guide to
island homes.
Within a sea
named for peace.

Advent 4

A fourth candle:
Warmth of heart,
compassion’s home.
Peace in the city,
town and land.
Calm between us now.

Christmas Day

Candle centred:|
Focus bright.
Light to lift a
heart song lyric
of wordless knowing
embracing friends.                

©John Fairbrother    

Image Catholic Church in Aotearoa New Zealand reproduced with permission