Evening Prayer

The Rev. Maren Tirabassi

18 September 2019

Judy Brandon remembers her Uncle Melvin who died last week and was a significant influence in her family’s life. Among other things she writes this,

“I loved his invented phrases. He was the carpenter who talked of “building a salad” He taught me self-compassion and grace in saying when he had forgotten some past event (or when it was best forgotten), “I’ve slept since then.”

Thank you, Judy’s uncle Melvin, for teaching us all to sleep on words best unspoken, to forget many things that cannot be changed. Rest in Peace.

God, help me to let go
unkind words said to me
or about me,
unkind (but often very clever) words
I have rehearsed,

the mental recital
of all the times I’ve been left out,
betrayed, taken for granted,

the secret emotional tending
and tendernessing
of quarrels, awkward memories,
hurtful experiences,

plans I have for revenge
or retaliation,
or even just
“setting the record straight.”

Also, let me forget
to be so self-satisfied
when I avoid doing those things.

Help me instead simply to say,
“I’ve slept since then,”

and I will begin tonight. Amen.

©Maren Tirabassi
Image Cosy room where Maren slept the night and wrote this prayer.