December 6 St. Nicholas Day

The Rev. Maren Tirabassi

6 December 2017

December 6 St. Nicholas Day


For the generosity of children
I give thanks;
for the way children believe
miracles can visit them,
I give thanks.
Even for how they are glued
to commercials,
write letters to Santa,
are unashamed of being excited,
I give thanks.

Today I promise to strip off
my John-the-Baptist
camel-hair dour,
and oil the reindeer harness,
exchange my locavore locust-lunch
for a one-legged gingerbread,

and find an empty stocking
in the life of someone I know –
young or old –
to fill with the generosity
that a child teaches me. Amen.

©Maren Tirabassi

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