Your Kingdom Come

The Rev. Canon Dr. James M. McPherson

1 June 2017

Your Kingdom Come


Lent is merely resurrection bound, while Advent

has the new creation in its sights, which we

for fear strive to soften with our manger scenes


the Christmas infant bonny, undemanding,

and serene – advertising’s dream; nothing like

the firebrand we felt compelled to quench


Lent explores my own role in this quenching,

yet with the eighth day of the week in view –

too small therefore in scope and in conceiving


Advent is by far the tougher call:

confronting us just as the adult Jesus

did for truth and love, to choose:


to die by glamorous conceits? or,

painfully rebuilt, to live – and square

the living to the prayer he taught?

©The Revd. Jim McPherson

Image The Lord’s Prayer, laydenwithstitches, Creative Commons 2.0

The Rev. Canon Dr. James M. McPherson from Australia, was a Distinguished Academic Visitor to Vaughan Park in 2008. His poetry has been widely published. He is also a regular contributor to our Moments page.