Candle of Joy

The Rev. Maren Tirabassi

1 June 2017

Candle of Joy


This old woman who cannot see well
has smeared pink lipstick
around her lips
to dress up for church.
A child, sixteen months or so,
too young to be greedy yet,
hugs a large pink balloon.
It doesn’t matter he’s a boy;
it doesn’t matter where
on the spectrum that is gender
he will grow up
to find himself, his joy.
A teenager with magenta hair,
pierced eyebrows, jean jacket over
the tilt of shoulder
which means something like –
love me, don’t love me,
stands nervous, defiant,
in the chancel
puts flame to the pink candle.

There are many more cosmic
to this season of Advent.

Through the centuries
volumes of theology
have been written
on the doctrine of Incarnation ...

but always the joy is particular.

Light something.

©Maren C. Tirabassi

Image Candle of Joy, courtesy of United Methodist Communications

Maren lives in Portsmouth, USA. She is a writer, pastor and a regular contributor to our Moments page.