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  • Prayer Vol.02, 2020, pg.71

    Strahan Coleman 4 June 2021

    Strahan is a musician, writer, speaker, psalmist, storyteller and songwriter. He is the creator of Commoners Communion, a blog, podcast, and conversational look at how poetry and revelation kiss in the life of Spirit-filled humanity. He writes daily prayers and devotions on Instagram and published Prayer Vol.01, and more recently Prayer Vol.02. Strahan helps to teach others how to hear God’s voice and grow in closeness with him through retreats and seminars and is passionate about helping the church find a new language in prayer. more»
    May even the darkness become light to us
  • Zac Poonen 28 October 2020

    Zac Poonen has been serving the Lord in India for over 50 years as a Bible-teacher.
    He is co-founder of the Christian Fellowship Church (CFC) Bangalore,, and has responsibility for a number of churches in India and abroad. He has written more than 25 books and numerous articles in English – which have been translated into many Indian and foreign languages.
    He wrote the hymn, "What God did for Jesus" in 1977. more»
    Moments: What God did for Jesus
  • Lincoln Jaques 16 September 2020

    A poem from our September scholar Lincoln Jaques.
    The Disappeared is a personal poem, written during my last trip to Zagreb, in October 2018. I wrote the poem after wandering one afternoon through the old part of the city. The Zagreb cathedral sits in Gornji Grad, the Upper Town, and the poem came to me after dwelling on the deeply catholic roots of Croatia, and the effects of the Patriotic War that raged in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. There is still a sense of loss that pervades in all corners of the region; the poem was my response to that loss, to all the family members who went missing during that time, and for those who wait for perhaps someday for answers, for closure. The poem is part of a wider sequence, part of which I’m working on now. It was first published in the Australian literary magazine The Blue Nib, issue #42 more»
    Moments: The Disappeared
  • “Gratitude is the memory of the heart”, wrote the French bishop, Jean Baptiste Massieu. My heart’s memories of Vaughan Park include... more»
    Moments: Last Word
  • Pip Nicholls 6 August 2020

    Prior to the 25th March 2020, the largest retreat I’d ever been on was possibly about 60 people. Imagine my surprise when it was 5 million New Zealanders, 25 million Australians and untold millions in the northern hemisphere… more»
    Moments: Reflections post lockdown

2018 Retreat Programme


About Vaughan Park

Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat Centre, to be discovered just above Long Bay Beach, is a place of rolling hills, crashing waves and soaring gulls.  It is an oasis of peace and grace that is open to all people of all backgrounds.