Vaughan Park September eNews “Mahuru”

Tēnā koutou katoa.
Greetings to you all.

Along with the wonderful season of spring comes much change. Blossoms are blooming, days are ‘longer’, and we are presented with wonderful opportunities of rebirth and renewal of growth. The perfect time to make some exciting changes of our own.   

This past year has allowed, or forced, copious modifications be made by spiritual entities, businesses, education providers, retail stores, essentially the entire population of 7.8bn. These adaptations vital for conquest, over what has been a devastating pandemic. The effects of which have been hard felt at Vaughan Park.

It is after this time of evaluation and assessment that we are very excited to announce the amalgamation of two elements within the Vaughan Park network. Today, we are proud to launch the Ruatara eNews, a combination of the quarterly magazine and our regular monthly updates. This consolidation gives us the opportunity to ensure all our vital news and updates are provided to you in one platform.

Whilst our calendar for the past year has been somewhat obstructed, we have been using this time to plan and prepare for an exciting time ahead. Filled with platforms and spaces allowing for Generous Hospitality, Spacious Conversation and Spiritual Encounter in all that we do.

We are so thankful for all the words of encouragement received over the past few months, knowing we have your support has been pivotal in dealing with our closures and cancellations.  

Along with the announcements and news of this ‘Mahuru’ edition, keep an eye out for some additional exciting launches coming soon!

Yours in Faith,
The Vaughan Park Team

  • Hei whakanui i te Wiki o te Reo Māori

    Hei whakanui i te Wiki o te Reo Māori

    In honour of Māori Language Week

    The Vaughan Park Chapel is named after Ngāpuhi Chief Ruatara.

    In 1809 Ruatara met Rev. Samuel Marsden when both men were travelling from London to Australia. Upon arrival, Ruatara remained with Marsden in Sydney, where he learnt numerous agricultural practices, which he brought back to New Zealand in 1812. Two years later, as a mark of good friendship, Ruatara invited Marsden to visit him in his own homeland of Aotearoa, which Marsen accepted, landing on Christmas Day in 1814. This arrival in the Bay of Islands, allowed the platform in which Rev. Marsden shared Te Rongopai / the Gospel with his people. On Christmas Day, Rev. Marsden offered the first official Christian service in Aotearoa New Zealand at Oihi Bay and established a Mission.

  • The Ruatara Chapel

    The Ruatara Chapel

    In October 2007 a judge in a local architectural award referred to the Ruatara Chapel as holding a distinct waka-like shape, with the front echoing a pair of hands meeting in prayer.

    With three Daily Offices, all are welcome to join us for Morning, Mid-day or Evening prayers, held at 08:30; 12:00 and 16:00 Monday through Friday.

    Rev. Sapati looks back over the past month, and how wonderful it was to pray in person with Warwick Pudney; as well as Pip Colgan and Penny Kennett from The Third Order (Anglican) Society of Saint Francis (TSSF).

  • Resident Scholar

    Resident Scholar

    The time has come to bid farewell to our September scholar, Lincoln Jaques. As has been the theme of the past year, Lincolns time with us has been filled with a number of varying scenarios and service.
    Lincoln shares some words with us on his stay; time well spent on his project of poems that seeks to explore identity with social, cultural and spiritual themes of the different cities he has visited around the world.

    In 1794, Xavier de Maistre was confined to his room. He decided, unable to travel, to take a journey around his room, and write down his experiences, in a book called Voyages Around My Room. He took the long journey from his bed, to a chair, branching out to go all the way to his window ledge. On the way to each destination, he wrote of his impressions, thoughts; the details of discovering the magic in all things.

    Writing in Isolation

    After a long journey I enter my room
    for an instant the door opens, a shadow
    an aftertaste of someone’s thoughts

    an oil canvas of a woman’s cupped hands
    a reservoir of baptismal water

    this room, an icon painted by numbers

    someone’s forgotten coat hooked
    over a chair like a ghost with no witnesses

    the sun plays geometry   
    a rectangle of light across a wall  
    a silver screen for patient actors

    a well-stocked fridge
    a small view of sea
    a kettle, 2 cups
    as if expecting a knock
    on the door
    soon to come.

    I came to Vaughan Park on the Scholars Progamme, to work on a series of poems and travel pieces about cities. Writing about places that now seem a distant memory is challenging. Add to that the challenges of COVID-19; but there’s always a small part of memory that is willing to open itself up under the right circumstances.

    Vaughan Park is one of those nurturing circumstances. I wrote a lot in my time here. But often I ventured out and explored. The Ruatara Chapel is a special place of refuge.

    Thank you for all the valuable help and support I’ve received during my stay here. Thanks to the chefs who took the time to bring down my meals, and for the chats. Thanks to Vaughan Park’s Rev. Sapati, for his calming conversation, our sharing of one another’s stories. It’s been a tough time, with the restrictions, but I’m grateful the staff made it work.

    Ngā mihi maioha

  • Residential Scholarships

    Residential Scholarships

    Applications for the Vaughan Park Residential Scholarships in 2021 have now closed. The experience, knowledge, and faith of this group of applicants is exceptional. Professor, Doctorates, Publishers, Reverend Ministers; and the diversity of the groups makes for an exciting scholarship programme ahead for the new year.

  • Exciting Launch

    Exciting Launch

    Keep an eye out this coming week for a VERY EXCITING announcement!

    Filled with amazing new ways for you, our loyal whanau to experience our Centre like never before!

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