March Retreat : An Interplay of Light - Discovering the Spiritual in Art and Poetry

Explore how the practice of poetry and art can deepen your connection to the world around you, invite you to journey to self-discovery and transformation, and enrich your faith, as you find God illuminated afresh in the every day.

Come join the conversation and together, may we open up to the boundless creative possibilities that art and poetry provide. We are offering you time for reflection, writing and creating, as well as guidance in using watercolour as a medium for finding spiritual peace through creative expression.

All materials are provided and no experience necessary – or a requirement to participate in any particular way - just a desire to discover further the creative spark residing in the heart of each of us is enough.

Saturday 28 March 2020 from 10am – 4pm
$95.00 per person (includes retreat and catering)
Email to book your place.

About Ana Lisa and Shelley:

Ana Lisa de Jong is a contemplative poet, and author of five collections of poetry. She is inspired by a strong, earthy, faith; the power and wonder of words; art and the myriad of ways it speaks to us, and the eternal threaded through all of nature around us. Her writing has touched and encouraged many, imparting grace and wisdom, gently drawing people to a deepening awareness of their own spirituality and a meeting with God in the everyday. 

Artist, Shelley Cruickshank is Ana Lisa’s sister.  She is inspired by wild New Zealand land and seascapes, seeking to capture theor inherent beauty and freedom. With a unique and delicate touch, she produces original watercolours and ink pointillism pieces on paper and fluid acrylic on canvas. Her work has encompassed several commissions including illustrative work, and her professionally produced art prints are appreciated and enjoyed all over the world. Shelley always hopes to evoke a sense of the pure tranquillity and happiness she feels while creating each artwork.