Moments: What God did for Jesus

Zac Poonen

28 October 2020

Moments: What God did for Jesus

What God did for Jesus


When bowed with burdens and with care,

Your soul is in despair;

You don’t have to fear,

God is very near.

He loves you as He loved His Son

And He will help you too;

Just trust His word of promise

And He will see you through.



This is the good news – what God can do;

What He’s done for Jesus He’ll do for you;

With mighty power He’ll strengthen you;

There is no end to what God can do.


Though sin and evil fill this world

And you are overcome;

Yet God’s Word is true

“Sin can’t reign o’er you”.

And when temptations’ pull is strong

God’s Grace will be your stay;

So you can walk like Jesus

In vict’ry every day.


When pain and sickness come to you

And touch your loved ones too,

God knows how you feel

He has power to heal.

Your Father will provide your need

He’s faithful and He’s true;

And as He cared for Jesus

He will care for you.


O what a glorious comfort this

If you have come to know

Jesus as your Lord

And Elder Brother too.

For all God has is now your own

And He won’t let you go;

And now that God is for you

Who can be your foe?