Dr Anne Shave

March - April 2019 | The Vaughan Park Residential Scholar

I have lived for most of my life in Christchurch. For over 20 years I worked as a secondary school teacher, After the Christchurch earthquakes I worked part-time in a Catholic girls’ school, Marian College, supporting staff and working with students with disabilities. I now tutor adults at Hohepa Canterbury, a part-time role I love.

In 2018 I graduated with a PhD in Theology from The University of Otago. I focused on the spiritual and pastoral needs of people in midlife and explored some of the gaps that currently exist in attending to the complex issues that arise for many people in the middle decades of life. My research also identified a range of ways in which clergy and congregations could provide more intentional support to midlife members. While at Vaughan Park I intend to complete a book based on my research, which I hope may be a useful resource for New Zealand church leaders and for Christians in midlife.

I am grateful for all I have learned from my involvement in churches of different denominations. I am a member of Cashmere Hills Presbyterian Church, but I also attend Evensong at St Barnabas Anglican Church and I have been a member of a home group there for many years. I have sung and travelled with the Roman Catholic Cathedral choir since 1990. Spiritual direction and retreats have also played a formative role in my Christian experience.

I enjoy walking, especially on the beautiful Port Hills of Christchurch. I am looking forward to exploring the walks around Vaughan Park.