Introduction to Mindfulness and Christianity

With Linda Gow (Clinical Psychologist)

26 June 2021

Introduction to Mindfulness and Christianity

Mindfulness is a concept that most of us will have heard of. It is recommended as a highly effective approach to managing stress, improving concentration, enhancing relationships, improving emotional wellbeing, managing pain and reducing the likelihood of “burn out”. However some Christians have concerns such as it being a Buddhist practice or similar to hypnosis, so have reservations about its use in a Christian context. 


Saturday 26th June, 2021
10:00am – 4:00pm
includes retreat, morning and afternoon tea and lunch
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About Linda Gow

Linda is a Christian and a Clinical Psychologist with 35 years’ experience in mental health in England and New Zealand. Drawing on her knowledge of psychology and theology she will help participants to experience the benefits of Mindfulness and how the practice is entirely compatible with a Christian world view.