Introduction to Meditation in the Christian Tradition

Are you wishing to deepen your faith?

Vincent Maire

31 August 2019

Are you wishing to deepen your faith?

Have you ever wondered what is meant by prayer of the heart, by the prayer of presence? Have you wondered if meditation is indeed Christian, yet had a feeling it was something you’d like to explore? Does contemplative prayer beckon?

Over this day we will learn about the roots of Christian meditation, Jesus’ call to go into the ‘inner room’, the Desert Fathers, how Christian meditation was rediscovered some forty years ago and the essential teachings of this beautiful form of prayer.

There will be time to meditate, to discover how to pray in a new and fresh way, to find out about the commitment to ‘turning up’ and the importance of the group.

We will explore how meditation heals those wounds of the shadow, leads to self-knowledge and opens us to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We will also learn about the World Community for Christian Meditation and the New Zealand Community for Christian Meditation.


Vincent Maire

Saturday 31st August 2019


$80 (includes retreat and catering)

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