Open Peaceful Nurturing

The Ruatara Chapel reflects the nurturing creative spirit at the heart of Vaughan Park and honours the memory of Ruatara, a Nga Puhi chief from the Bay of Islands who assisted the Rev. Samuel Marsden in establishing a Christian mission in New Zealand in 1814.

A daily rhythm of worship and prayer marks the hours of the day.  The community gathers to offer prayers for justice, peace, the integrity of all creation and valuing the ordinary as sacred.

The statue of St. Francis in the Chapel, a gift commissioned for Vaughan Park, is a tangible link with the Franciscan brothers who were in residence here from 1997 to 2001.


Use of the Chapel is welcomed for private prayer. It is open from 7am - 5pm each day.

There are copies of the New Zealand Prayer Book in the Chapel. All your prayers are valued and appreciated.

On Sundays, we encourage you to worship at the local church in the parish, St. Mary By The Sea, 168 Deep Creek Road, Torbay.  Services at 8.00 and 10.00am.

The Priests at Vaughan Park are The Rev. Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith and The Rev. Nicky Roper.  They are available to accompany you and speak with you.


A Prayer for Vaughan Park

God of creation and new beginnings,
God of history and human affairs,
grant all who gather here a deep sense
of your restorative power and presence.
Grant that persons of little faith,
no faith or great faith may find here
new and increasing hope to sustain them.
May all groups who gather here find:
deeper vision
better plans
greater effectiveness,
because you have been with them
hidden or overtly.

May all committed to the vision of Vaughan Park
be inspired to implement
Christian hospitality,
life-enhancing encounter and
God bless this place:
Through it enrich the wider Church
and New Zealand community.
This we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord.

The Rt Rev Bruce Gilberd
28 June 2010