Miles Hadley

March - May 2016 | The Vaughan Park Scholar in Residence

Born in England, Miles has been educated and has worked around the world. He read at History at the University of Aberdeen and graduated in 2003. The course included an internship in Washington D.C. at the US Naval Historical Centre. His dissertation focused on the Canadian War of 1812. Miles was also Secretary of the History and Whiskey Societies at University and briefly established and edited a Student Newspaper. Miles was also educated in Beijing and then went on to graduate in 2007 with an MSc in International Business at the University of Nottingham’s China campus in Ningbo, Zheijiang province. In 2010, Miles studied Human Resources Management at George Brown College, Toronto and then went on to work in the Banking sector. He has also worked and Volunteered for various charities in the UK and more recently has been a Historic Guide/ Helper at the Auckland Memorial Museum and Alberton Historic House while on a working holiday.

Miles aspires to be a Creative Writer and is currently working on two Novel projects. The first focuses on Social disparity and division in the UK, a subject that he has been concerned about for a long time. He believes that while Economic problems in the UK have often been the priority, issues of Social division have not, hence the very violent riots of 2011 that spread from London to Birmingham, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol. He also believes that the recent lurch further to the left of the official opposition in the UK is perhaps a response to continued Social disparity. Miles hopes to highlight such divisions through an entertaining novel. The other novel project focuses on modern day dating.

Miles also enjoys writing poetry. His topics range from History to Society and Nature. He has had one poem published in, “Haque” Magazine while a member of the Hackney Writers circle in London. This poem is entitled, “The Loch” and focuses on the loss of a close relation who was associated with a particular Scottish Loch. He is also currently working on setting two other poems to Music in the traditional folk genre for a female solo voice. One poem focuses on a hill in Scotland called, “Bennachie” This hill is often written and sung about traditionally in Scotland. The other is about a chance encounter with a Fox in a Woods associated with Miles’ family in England.