Mary Jane Miller

September - October 2019 Vaughan Park Residential Scholar

I am an icon painter and teacher, living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. For the past 25 years, my reverence for creation and prayer has led me to study the ancient iconography egg tempera technique. This sacred art form integrates past and present, earth and divine, flesh and spirit. Combined, they expose a sense of awe and eternity. Egg tempera is a recipe combining egg yolk – symbolizing the raw potential for life – with million-year old dirt – symbolic of eternity. Mixing life’s potential with eternity creates human portraits for spiritual awe. The practice resonates with me personally and spiritually, illustrating my love of nature, life and God.

At Vaughan Park I am hoping to design and paint four of a series of 12 icons called “On Holy Ground”, exploring Christ’s teaching to love and care for what we have been gifted and expressing the beauty of creation in a style which diverts from traditional icon imagery.  I am also looking forward to the possibility of offering an iconography workshop while I am at there.

I am currently an active member and on the vestry of St. Paul’s Anglican Church in San Miguel de Allende.