Anna Sjardin-Killick, Aotearoa New Zealand

Scholar May 2020

Hi! I’m Anna, a 39-year-old woman originally from Tauranga. We recently moved to the ‘foreign’ land of Dargaville and are finally starting to settle in.  My favourite aspect of life here is getting to work with some of the youth and it is an absolute privilege.

I am humbled to receive a Vaughan Park scholarship, particularly because my area is spoken word (sort of a mix between rap and poetry) and my heart’s desire is to encourage other people through this medium. Having this time at Vaughan Park will give me time to dedicate to completing my first spoken word book Giants.

My background is in English and foreign languages and I am also a teacher. I haven’t been able to take up other overseas scholarships, lectureships or work due to an illness I have had since I was 17 so this is very exciting. And one thing is for sure - God creates diamonds in the dark. And this book, I hope, will be a diamond of sorts.

Thank you so much to Vaughan Park for this opportunity.