Winter solstice song

Tess Ashton

10 July 2015

Winter solstice song


Anyone want to do something different?
Instead of job hunt
Read a poem?
And reflect on it?

Heads nod
Eyes wide
What’s she on about?
Go to the tried and true
Google sam hunt
Winter solstice song comes up
Print off
Hand out a copy to
Each one willing
To be captive to
A surprise
A word so like sunrise

To begin I attempt
To explain
The nature of words
By asking them
What do they think
Words are?
No one says weapons
That’s a good start

I help by saying
Words are potent
Units of memory
Hold different
Images and meaning
For each of us

For example
If I say the colour red
What do we each see?
Round the room
It’s a flag
A highlighter pen
Just red

The exercise is to
Listen to the reading
A couple of times
And underline the words and
Phrases that
Stand out or speak a little more loudly
Than the others

…‘But it is 
the year's shortest day
when anything can happen,
miracles 'not a problem'.

The sun five minutes with us
came and left with a kiss.
We believe in miracles. That, love,
is all we have.’

The work of poetry
Is to find the message of hope in the poem
I say brightly

So everybody
Take the word that’s calling you
Now write about it
What has it got to say
To you today?

It was the words
Winter solstice
That must have caught Sam’s heart
When he sat to write
And the ones that
Caught mine
For the 50th time?

‘miracles 'not a problem'.


©Tess Ashton
Image Winter Solstice Wendy L. Wilkerson