Treatment Room Irony

The Rev. Canon Dr. James M. McPherson

11 May 2018

Treatment Room Irony

Dreams do come true if you only wish hard enough. (Peter Pan)


The picture-perfect vista on the wall

was captioned in the style of Peter Pan –

that limits only cow the cowardly

while those who challenge and defy, will win.


Beneath the vista in the treatment room,

the therapist who knows the harsh terrain

of injury and coaches those compelled

to trek its weary paths, applies her skills

to mitigate; at best perhaps restore

the stricken limb to function as before.


Since pixie dust and robust self-belief

can never bring reality to heel,

her practice shows the caption is a sham:

the cosmos will not budge for Peter Pan.

© the Revd Jim McPherson
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