• Summer


    Scarlet, indigo and azure
    kðhatu veined with gold
    and lapis lazuli
    fireflies of silver.

    Textured tapestry
    ocean breeze
    soft petals
    caressing skin
    nestled in warm grass
    blush of pomegranates.

    Breath of ancient trees
    rush of many wings
    symphony of cicadas
    in the afternoon.

    Honey from manuka flowers
    devotion of bees
    sweet wine
    in the drowsy air.

    Salt on lips

    Flamenco dance of cinnabar moths
    sacred fleeting butterflies.

    Sitting by the fire
    memory re-members
    summers past
    expectant with possibility
    assisting God in a miracle.

    ©Hilary Oxford Smith

    In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible Summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back. - Albert Camus

    Image Manuel Meurisse www.images.unsplash.com

  • Unfolding


    Summer tales
    of Magi.
    Full moon’s whiteness
    on an unknown path.
    A stardust constellation of Pisces
    in the western horizon.

    A diffused scent.
    purifies ‘always the same’ air.

    Pale bellied, frost lichen,
    tells a winter tale
    of an ancient abbey.
    Hewn, pitted stone
    holding memory.
    Still sheltering the ancestors.
    High crosses
    sing eternal tones,
    encircling the heart.
    Soul’s shielding.

    Weathered by many moons,
    sun’s brightness,
    storm’s turbulence
    is Jerusalem.
    He wept over her,
    lamenting paradise lost.

    Bab el-Khalil opens.
    Hoping in Hebron.
    with dreams of Abrahamic peace.

    Rumi tells tales of mystical love with God.
    Another year.
    Different this time.

    © Hilary Oxford Smith
    1 January 2013

    Image: Spirit-of-Jerusalem