Tis the season

Tess Ashton

15 December 2017

Tis the season

bird on a wire

let me hear your song

bird on a wire

you can do no wrong

for your singing is

as love to me

your tender trill

thrills my ear and soul


bird on a wire

tell me where your voice

comes from

your plumes so soft

that write upon my heart

and i shall leap upon

the horse dressed in red

up on the goldy-green hill

beyond the people

waiting for the train

so still

and i will try to catch your maker

before the sun comes up

while he is cool and resting


bird on a wire should i find him

i will ask why do the birds

sing so prettily to us

and why do they

talk of love

tell me lover

i shall say

what it is love bears

to play for us that love-torn



i’ll tell him i have heard your trill

that the flowers have appeared

in our land

that the winter has gone

and the rains are over

already i know the answer

this is the season

of the turtledove

we are to arise

and come away

©Tess Ashton

Image Two turtle doves, Felipe Lopez, www.images.unsplash.com