This Will Pass

Ana Lisa de Jong

18 September 2017

This Will Pass

This too will pass.

This will pass like the sun rising.
This will pass like a breath of wind
across the face of a leaf.

Like the butterfly,
who just this morning came,
in a flash of bright colour, and then went.

It will pass.

Those things you worry at now,
with the tip of your tongue.
Lift up, and weigh, and heavily put down.

They will pass.

The things sore yet,
and burdensome upon your heart.
They will catch the wind, and graciously depart.

They will pass.

And behind, in their wake,
might come more things.
But you know this, just as you know yourself adequate.

For all things pass.

The butterfly reminds of you this,
as does the falling leaf.
And the rising sun, warm now,

upon your upturned cheek.

©Ana Lisa de Jong