The loose end tree

Tess Ashton

4 August 2018

The loose end tree

Over the river
the ‘red’ horse
is munching under the fleur de lis tree
its scarlet coat deepening ever slightly
into the most daring of pinks
Makes this creature the prettiest
thing anyone could hope to
see on a hill by a river
and the people going by on the trains might look up and see
it and love it and exclaim in their hearts
look there’s a horse with a beautiful red cover
it looks fit for a queen.

A hawthorn says son Ed
is a magical tree
and a dark brown horse draped in scarlet
its elegance swirling
capturing the branches
of the brittle hawthorn
and velvet of creature
take me back to real time with a spiritual director
and the loose end tree.

She helped me draw my
loose ends as a tree
saw what was right in front
of me
first the question:
where are you at?
a crossroads I think
in work and life
ok right, draw that, came back.

Saw a roundabout
wide roads spark off
north south east and west
but was drawn to the centre
a tree appeared
drew my loose ends
as branches
spiralling off a solid trunk
no leaves much yet.

So where are you in the tree?
high up busy
doing what, she said?
don’t know, I murmured
but as I watched
old leaves lit up
like heavenly wonders
I’d brushed them
with a greening wand
and I was a fairy princess.

Hallelujah, two months later
I’m part of an incredible moment
in a suburb with its name
on a tall tree-like sculpture.

I’d had to find a new place
for some free literacy classes
found a
church without walls
welcoming the homeless
and anyone smudged
with poor health, drugs, or prison
people whose sheen
might welcome wonder dust.

So I’m up and running
still feeling my way
throwing in love
aim to brighten their senses
stoke up each one’s callings
holy spirit long swirling
the air well prepared
for any fresh movement
Here the saints love God
give space to the Spirit
here greening is wanted
high in loose end branches.


©Tess Ashton
Image Holy Hawthorn, Glastonbury, Flickr