The Guide

The Rev. John Fairbrother

5 January 2019

The Guide

Of all prophets and seers
tradition presents
just three, opening
the clasp of heaven’s veil,
revealing the question
of wonder’s quest.

Cold shimmering light,
night’s pointed sign,
attentive wisdom caught.
This silent message
evoking sage response:
A celestial companion,
moving travellers on.

Wisdom of years the guide
where youth
would have safely trod:
Beyond comfort awoken
to grime and fear of night,
becoming a caravan’s
compulsive course.

A stall beneath a public hall:
Journey’s end –
could this be –
the beginning quest?

Magi, tradition tells,
valued wisdom:
light’s transcendent call.

©John Fairbrother
Image Three Wise Women, Jan Richardson, reproduced with permission.