• The Rev. Sande Ramage 28 April 2012

    We only remember some things on Anzac Day. Perhaps its shame and embarrassment that keeps us from remembering the brutal way conscientious objectors were treated. more»
    Anzac Day Amnesia
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 19 April 2012

    The symbol of God's presence had become a great emptiness. A bit like the ruin that Christchurch Cathedral is now. more»
    Cardboard cathedral's impermanence has promise
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 15 April 2012

    When myth becomes embedded in the concrete world of religious dogma and misrepresents itself as the only story, it can become linear, flat and one dimensional, losing its ability to get under our skin where it belongs. more»
    Grave wisdom
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 6 April 2012

    I wonder whether the crucifixion story, the journey to the grave, is about the convoluted journey to our interior, where our deepest, darkest fears are held. Perhaps it's trying to tell us that to become enlightened, to see life as it really is, we have to become vulnerable, crucified, exactly what we don't want to be. more»
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 31 March 2012

    Once I was so locked into one way of seeing the Easter story that my ability to imagine, or even entertain another version was limited. But as the years have rolled by I've changed and my faith has altered beyond recognition. Intellectual knowledge has been important but what has mattered more has been allowing the festivals to show me worlds beyond my reasoning boundaries. more»
    Festivals transcend belief
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 23 March 2012

    Michelle Williams is tantalizing in My Week with Marilyn. She ensures Ms Monroe is present, a disarming combination of innocent child and sensual siren. It's not the sleek exterior that seduces; it's the contradictions that open us up. more»
    Easter contradictions with Ms Monroe
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 18 March 2012

    I've been thinking about the most wonderful keyhole in the world as debates about public prayer have been on the agenda of city council meetings in Bideford, England and Whanganui, New Zealand. more»
    Public prayer connects beyond belief
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 8 March 2012

    Angels have come a long way. Early versions showed minimal fashion sense dressing in shapeless shifts that obscured any hint of gender. Only having a trumpet to gain attention and dreams to send messages hampered communication with mortals. No longer. more»
    Tweeting angel irritates cathedral
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 3 March 2012

    Sitting in the discomfort, a wise yoga teacher once wryly observed whilst I collapsed in a haphazard pile of limbs is where shift happens, where perspective broadens and a more compassionate way of seeing our world can emerge. more»
    The ironic beauty of discomfort
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 25 February 2012

    Christchurch and Whitney have both suffered as the earth moved beneath their feet. Their experiences are reminders of our impermanence, which is highlighted in the Christian festival of Lent. more»
    Whitney, Christchurch & Lent remind us of impermanence
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 17 February 2012

     You'd think that the health system was in contention for an Oscar the way we keep worrying about its performance. Chasing health targets is meant to keep the system focused but the more»
    Presence: a soulful mystery
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 11 February 2012

    Despite all our technological marvels, sometimes the only miracle we have to offer each other is an open hearted, accepting and forgiving presence. more»
    Whanau Ora and the miracle of presence
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 4 February 2012

    Sometimes the questions we have are too subtle for Google and anyway, the answers may already be inscribed upon our heart. more»
    Death watch silences Google
  • The Rev. Sande Ramage 25 January 2012

    Even for people who consider themselves to be 'not religious', talking about God is a favourite topic as long as we start at what the philosopher Alain de Botton calls the very, very beginning. more»
    Religion for atheists
  • 24 January 2012

    Life is not fair. Some people have much and others have little. Wanting more than we have is a common response to this hard reality. more»
    Purpose in poverty?
  • 24 January 2012

    Texting connects us in a way that nothing else has. Could this be a spiritual practice that helps us build a beautiful world? more»
    Text Connect
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