new positivity buzz

Tess Ashton

31 May 2015


I got my hair cut
On Saturday
felt I had a winner
as I peered,
in the salon mirror

Strange how this hairdresser
put me
on another level
my husband kept looking at me
appreciatively later

Wow 15 years
said a workmate
on Monday

My spiritual director
found me lighter
on Tuesday

It’s my positivity theology
I explained
I cut off the dead wood:
my hair’s
a symbol of that

I’m experimenting
with happiness
and optimism
am on the lookout
for coins in the mouths
of fishes

like the feel
of the breeze
round my neck as I worship
it’s a wind blowing
and kind of

Now the
angels all praising
and the power
of the Spirit
are free to attend
to all
my good wishes

it’s Pentecost time
I’m playing
with fire
standing right
in the way
of all heaven’s

To start with some
negative ghosts
hanging round
kicked up –
shoved off
once they knew
I meant business

Once I’d staked out my ground

©Tess Ashton
Image: Evening Breeze, Henri-Edmond Cross 1894