Moments: Blessing for the new year

The Rev. Dr. Hilary Oxford Smith

31 December 2019

Let the year go
into the night
the joy and the pain
the dark and the light

the endings
the beginnings
the thresholds crossed
the glimpses of heaven

the children birthed
the dear ones passed
the welcoming hearth
the closed door

the hope
the fear
the friends gained
the ones lost

the regret
the guilt
the bad days
the good days

Starbursts of light
like flowers in the garden sky.

May you be blessed with

- for past and present
peace of mind
- in uncertainty

- in resistance
great love and strength
- in fear

forgiveness and compassion
- to mind you
childlike trust
- in the benevolence of creation

- to embrace life as it is
- that every soul has its own course to follow

- to hear the inner voice of truth
- to learn to be still

And may there be
peace on earth
one whole day        

©Hilary Oxford Smith