Moments: Advent Biscuits

Dr. Julie Thorpe

11 December 2019

Moments: Advent Biscuits

My host mother handed on a recipe
so I would learn kitchen-words
by heart.

Verkneten. Knead. Press down. Push out.
Ausschaben. Skin, scrape empty, then
wrap gently in a sheet to rest.
turn, toss, writhe in the marrowy

              Last of all,
aufbewahren. Set aside. Store
in a safe place.

Or was it the white-covered crescents
waxing and waning, like half-moon
slices of rye spread with liverwurst each morning
before we left for school in the dark
and later ate in the courtyard, walking
in circles to stay warm?

Maybe the gift
that winter wasn’t the words
but the circles I’m still learning
to walk and keep in my heart.

©Julie Thorpe
Image Advent Biscuits made by Julie

Julie Thorpe is a former Scholar of Vaughan Park.