Midday Interruption

The Rev. Gayanne Frater

18 April 2015

Midday Interruption

Darkened sky,
torrential rain,
roiling thunder
exploding overhead,
road corner flooding within minutes
- Glen Innes is awash.
At the checkout, a voice is heard,
I hope the rain stops in time
for the cricket tomorrow'
Cricket – really?
so the last thing on my mind!
Instead I stand in awe of the rain,
make a run for it,
Splash through deep puddles,
thoroughly drenched
yet full of delight
by this unexpected
disruption to a summer’s day.
Landscape transformation in one moment.
Let's embrace the turbulence
of change,
when it appears.
It's a sign of life,
sign of hope,
stating we are not in control,
no matter how much
we may think we are,
and its okay.

Homeward bound,
visibility minimal,
oncoming car headlights
guide me home
as traffic crawls
across Kepa Road bridge.

Car unloaded,
grocery bags strewn across the floor,
time to pause.
As the rain tapers off,
and a holy hush descends.
All is held captive in stillness.
Post-storm rain drops
patter on the deck,
like the plucking of a guitar.
Gentle music breaking the silent stillness.
Peace restored.  
It's still okay.
A solitary birdsong
echoes across the valley,
as if to say,
'Hello, is any-one out there?
waits for our response.

©Gayanne Frater

Image Car Headlights, Gayanne Frater