The Rev. John Fairbrother

12 June 2019


Surging swell unrelenting
Fisher's net cast from storm
Colours fast in ceaseless shaping
Shingle beach salvaged story's form

At Sound edge beyond laird care
Nature chronicled honour bled
Hardened shadows of monks' last fear
Evoking hopes unsaid

Flesh enlivens ancient stone
Cultures merge in worship's thrall
Here monks communed prayed alone
Searching souls repairing fall

Story myth memory enduring
Inspire pilgrims' leave of comfort's norm
Silent Martin time-worn blessing
Martyr's end for years forlorn 

Hair's breadth of life and death
Translucent sense awakening mind
From sea to land creation's breath
Unseen release from mortal bind

©John Fairbrother, Where gulls hold sway: the Vaughan Park years, 2003 – 2015: collected poems, 2015.
Image Iona Waves,