Intercession and Blessing

The Rev. Iain Gow

6 July 2015

Intercession and Blessing


I intercede for you who needs an encounter,
with Christ.
I intercede for myself; may I know today
Jesus as lover of my soul.
I intercede for my world; may it be
drawn to unity
I intercede for you and me, and all I love.


May you encounter Jesus today in spirit
and in truth:
Where you thirst, may Christ become
a fountain for you
Where you hunger, may Christ feed you
the bread of life.
Where you are alone, may Christ
be your companion on the way
Where you are in conflict, may Christ
heal that division.
Where you are in sin, may Christ love you
into being saved
Where there is darkness, may Christ love you
into light.
May Christ who lives within you, bless you,
and make himself known through you
This day and always…

© (from Be Still, Iain Gow and Nat Tate)