Holy Island

The Rev. John Fairbrother

10 October 2012

Holy Island

Somewhere between feelings and intellect prayers may be born.

Holy Island is a meditative reflection offered for personal and community use.


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Holy Island

Our Father in heaven

The divine image beckons

Hallowed be your name

This place is sacred ground

Your kingdom come

Generous lives reveal love’s name

Your will be done

Through meeting minds, steady hearts

On earth as in heaven

Spirit and body becoming one

Give us today our daily bread

Love blesses life, knowing earth provides

Forgive us our sins

Restoring our being

As we forgive those who sin against us

For justice, forgiveness, to prevail

Save us from the time of trial

Preventing chaos that would lead to hell

And deliver us from evil

Defeating pain’s despair

For the kingdom, the power and glory are yours

Hope now with reason to serve, all due is given

Now and for ever    

Eternity here, always before



Holy Island was written as a response to days spent at Lindisfarne in 2007.


© John Fairbrother

10 October 2012