Simon and Veronica

The Rev. Erice Fairbrother

14 April 2017

Simon and Veronica


‘In a dark wood wandering’
Or as it is for me
On a dark road
This cross and me

Others were there
How it would end
Now I’m vulnerable
And God nowhere
to be seen

In dark places
Lost places
Condemned places
Who will walk

Not Simon
Not really!
He did not want to see;
‘Who me?’
But they pushed
Him to it

And I loved him.
Like Veronica
Seeing me,
A human too,
And touched
my face

of such loving
grace is made;
taking the weight
wiping the tears
and risking

all that might be
in a moment
for the least
of you

and the least
of me

©Erice Fairbrother

Image Stations of the, composite of Stations of the Cross by Ken Cooke, St. George the Martyr, Wash Common, Newbury, Oxfordshire, UK.