Moments: Grimy Windows

The Rev. Canon Dr. James M. McPherson

17 June 2020

Moments: Grimy Windows

not guilt; not fear; but instead the gentle wonderment

of sensing in myself that my own very being has a sense

beyond my self; outside; in some vast frame

which gradually drew me toward the grimy windows

in the vast and granite keep of the Asylum for the Sane

where a silent gentle harmony holds me. Still. Unto itself.


inside, the stuff of conjecture, rumour, ridicule, rebuff;

yet so compelling. Its eloquent harmony

of silence brings a sweet order to the swirling

non-sense of the fatuous self-serving racket

here inside, and soothes my being into a peace and joy

the Asylum may sometimes dampen. But not quench.



the winsome charm of Wisdom, Love and Grace

sustain me for my living in this space

and make me yearn to join them face to face


© the Revd Jim McPherson

Image Christopher Sardegna,