Christmas Baby

Tess Ashton

26 December 2015

Christmas Baby


try and describe the softest thing
a tree’s sheen of green
in spring
a cloud drifting - only blue behind –
the breath of a new baby
in a mother’s heart
words very
very hard to find

i think of the poet - Sam -
who might as well have said
babies trees clouds
when he was talking about
said poems aren’t like anything else
‘just as Christ wasn’t like
Moses or John or anyone
a poem is itself
it’s all in there
not anywhere else’

another poet – Gerard -
said the word
that aches most
from the softest things
like babies
trees and clouds
is love

Zoe Bonnie is a poem
sailing in a cloud
has to be top of the tree
for Natalie
and all who love her
on earth
in heaven

©Tess Ashton

written for Natalie and Zoe Bonnie, named after Granma Bonnie

Image  Zoe Bonnie by kind permission of her family