• Implications

    Pat Marsh 18 December 2017


    a divorce
    a stoning
    a broken betrothal

    family life fractured

    broken hearts and troubled minds

    all these and more
    the possible implications
    in the wake of Mary’s ‘yes’

    is this what
    favour with God
    looks like

    could we too
    say the Mighty One has done great things

    would we
    be able to magnify the Lord

    how will we respond
    when our calling comes,
    in the face
    of myriad implications

    quietly consented
    to birth the One
    who would later say
    take up your cross
    and follow me

    can we respond with such incredible grace

    ©Pat Marsh

    Image artist unknown 

  • Headlong to Christmas

    Pat Marsh 17 December 2017

    Headlong to Christmas

    the rush
    has begun

    and we know 
    it can only get worse
    as we race
    what passes
    for the celebrations of your birth

    holy child
    give us
    islands of stillness
    in the frenzy of preparation

    give us snatches
    of peace
    amid the tensions
    of others’ expectations

    and in the excesses
    of the shopping mall
    remind us
    of the simple poverty
    of the stable

    Holy Child
    as we rush towards Christmas
    give us your stillness
    your peace
    your simplicity

    give us especially
    the gift of yourself

    ©Pat Marsh

    Image www.images.unsplash.com 

  • Moments: At the Genesis

    Pat Marsh 2 December 2019

    Moments: At the Genesis

    at the genesis of our calling
    how little we understand
    the implications
    of our ‘yes’

    you will become
    pregnant with child
    and give birth to a son
    whom you are to call

    he will be
    the long promised Messiah
    and you, Mary
    are highly favoured
    highly honoured
    to be chosen by God

    how little we understand
    that which we assent to
    when we commit
    to God’s call upon our life

    how little we realise
    what the implications
    might turn out to be
    and the truth
    that blessings
    so often come
    wrapped in pain
    and journeys
    most often unfold
    along pathways
    not of our choosing

    and just because the Creator calls
    doesn’t guarantee
    he’ll make it easy

    and the future
    will rarely be
    how we had planned for it to be

    at the genesis of our calling
    how little we understand
    the implications
    of our ‘yes’

    ©Pat Marsh
    Image Matt Hoffman, unsplash.com