• Cherry Hamilton 10 August 2012

    “Knowledge without wisdom is a load of books on the back of an ass.” more»
    Knowledge without wisdom
  • Cherry Hamilton 4 July 2012

    It is humbling and strange, disconcerting yet reassuring, to think that I am worth as much as Mother Theresa, yet no more than Robert Mugabe. more»
    What are you worth?
  • Cherry Hamilton 8 June 2012

    Lindsay Lohan recently had the words 'Live without regrets' tattooed onto her wrist. She is not alone in this sentiment. It seems that every time I read an interview of a celebrity with an, er, colourful history, they invariably say that despite their weekly trips to rehab, regular forays into prison and string of messy relationships, they have no regrets whatsoever. more»
    Je ne regret rien:  Live without regrets