Moments: An Advent Reflection

Te Hui Amorangi O Te Waipounamu

5 December 2019

Moments: An Advent Reflection

We live in a world in which bigger and better define our expectations for much of life. 

We have become so focused by super-size, super stars, and high definition that we tend to view life through a lens that so magnifies what we expect out of the world that we tend not to see potential in small things. 

But as the prophet Zechariah reminds us (Zech 4:10), we should not "despise the day of small things," because God does some of his best work with small beginnings and impossible situations. 

It is truly a humbling experience to read back through the Old Testament and see how frail and imperfect all the "heroes" actually are. 

  • Abraham, the coward who cannot believe the promise. 
  • Jacob, the cheat who struggles with everybody.
  • Joseph, the immature and arrogant teen.
  • Moses, the impatient murderer who cannot wait for God. 
  • Gideon, the cowardly Baalworshipper.
  • Samson, the womanizing drunk. 
  • David, the power abuser.
  • Solomon, the unwise wise man. 
  • Hezekiah, the reforming king who could not quite go far enough.
  • And finally, a very young Jewish girl from a small village in a remote corner of a great empire.

God often begins with small things and inadequate people. It certainly seems that God could have chosen "bigger" things and "better" people to do His work in the world. 

Yet if God can use them, and reveal Himself through them in such marvellous ways, it means that He might be able to use us, inadequate, and unwise, and too often lacking in faith. 

And it means that we need to be careful that we do not in our own self-righteousness put limits on what God can do with the smallest things, the most unlikely of people, in the most hopeless of circumstances. 

That is part of the wonder of the Advent Season.

Kia kaha tatou, ahakoa nga piki, heke, o te Ao. Ma Te Atua tatou e manaaki.

Let us pray,

Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice. The Lord is at hand. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, and stand among us that we may welcome you today into every part of our lives and serve you joyfully, now and always.  AMEN 

 Kia Inoi Tatou 

Kia hari tonu i roto i te Ariki: ko taku kapu ano tenei, kia hari. Kua tata te Ariki. Kia hohoro mai, e Ihu e te Ariki, a e tu ki waenga i a matou, kia powhiritia atu koe e matou i tenei ra, ki roto i o matou wahi katoa, a, kia mahi atu matou ki a koe, i runga i te hari koa, inaianei a ake tonu atu. 
Image Advent Wreath