The Least Expected Advent

The Rev. Erice Fairbrother

14 December 2016


Running along the marine parade
Riding into the wind to work
And later
Holding wine cupped in the hand
In late sun
Is when peace least expected
Comes without

When the earth quakes
And fear rises the advent
of rescuers
of ships and trucks and flights
is when peace least expected
comes like a

there is no telling, no harbinger
of when peace might come
but later
over a glass with others and talking
at table
it may be noticed that when peace came
it could not be missed
for its loving

©Erice Fairbrother

Image Grapes in the Sunshine, pixabay

Erice is vested as a Solitary Consecrated Life in the Benedictine tradition of the Order of the Holy Cross, of which she has been an Oblate since 2000. She is a regular contributor to our Moments page.