The Deep Well of Salvation

The Rev. Dr. Rebecca Button Prichard

1 June 2017

The Deep Well of Salvation


(Isaiah 12:2-6)

My family roots are in Wales. On my first visit to Wales, while searching for those roots, I came upon an ancient well in a deep, green grove. The well was near an old, old church with a Yew tree in its yard. I doubt this is my family’s parish, but my imagination led me to hope that my forbears had visited such a well for healing, for spiritual renewal, for prayer or guidance.

Over the years, I have visited deep wells, holy wells throughout Wales and Ireland and Scotland. In these places clear water springs forth from within the earth. This is the water of salvation, of healing, of cleansing, of baptism, of memory, of hope. These Celtic wells are green and mossy, places of pilgrimage and prayer. The Bible’s wells were streams in the desert, water for thirsty travelers, places of meeting, rest and renewal, oases.

Just so, the prophet Isaiah promises that in times of footsore fear, of weary wandering, of watchful waiting, the tired traveler, the advent pilgrim will drink from the wells of salvation, that we will draw joy and gratitude from those deep springs beneath the earth. In deserts and in wild woods, the weary will stop and imbibe the clear water of healing and wholeness, of saving grace.

Annie Dillard said, “We catch grace…as water from a waterfall.” The waters of salvation are deep and plentiful. So is grace. Catch it if you can. Lower your bucket. Hold out your empty hands. Let your vessel overflow.

So, stop. Rest. Pray. Drink. Draw grace from the sacred depths of the Word, draw comfort from the Spirit’s presence, draw healing from the overflowing love that is God. And then share it, with joy and thanksgiving.

©Rebecca Button Prichard
Image St. Dyfnog's Well, Denbighshire, Wales

Rebecca, from California, USA, has been a pastor and professor, teaching theology, church history, worship, and spirituality.  A life-long Presbyterian, she is now at home in the Episcopal Church. She is a regular contributor to our Moments page.