The Rev. John Fairbrother

24 December 2016


A birth confounding will to power:
Innocent hope as ever sought.

Star alone and still:
Romantic idea as ever caught.

Beasts’ warmth, comfort birth:
Ironic scene as ever conceived.

Gold, frankincense, myrrh:
Prophetic gifts as ever received.

Shepherds wake at heralds’ call:
Idyllic response as ever thought.

Infant sign, Universal peace:
Troubling paradox as ever taught.

Each alone, in one all:
Love of life as ever revered.

Mythic light, gentle becoming:|
Earthly wrath as ever feared.

©John Fairbrother

Image ‘Jesus calms the Sea’, Sculptor: Roderick Burgess, New Zealand. Photographer: Clive Oxford
This bronze sculpture looks out to sea from the Ruatara Chapel at Vaughan Park.