Margaret Lyall

25 December 2013

Stress and distress, crisis on crisis,

Mind, body and spirit can take no more.

Utter exhaustion, energy finished,

Pain and despair, darkness and silence.


Then, piercing the silence, the cry of an infant,

Heralding One who will suffer and die.

Through His living and dying His love will be steadfast

His Spirit set free and gifted to all.


Can this really be true?

Does it fit with experience?

There's reluctance to believe such a staggering claim.


And yet, to be honest, so often it happens

In the depths of the pain, in the pit of despair...

   - through others' hands His hands stretch out to touch

   - through others' eyes His eyes look out in love

   - through others' lips His lips speak words of care...

And faith is rekindled, in response to His words

'What more must I do for you to believe?'


Minds cannot comprehend;

Truth is veiled in paradox.

But every time doubt becomes stronger,

A potentially deeper faith

Yearns to reach out and embrace it.


Like light piercing the darkness.