The good news about getting older

Lynne Condon

Life is full of transitions – from childhood to adulthood; from morning to night; from winter to spring.
What are the features common to all transitions?
How do we navigate them?
How can they be a source of psychological, emotional and spiritual growth for us?
Depending on your point of view, aging is depressing, to be denied and avoided, or is an opportunity to be embraced. This retreat is for those who are 60+ and/or are thinking of retiring from working life.
It offers the chance to reflect on your own experience of aging, share with others on this journey and explore the wisdom of some who have gone before us. 


Sunday 8th September 2019,  10am – 4pm
Cost: $80 (includes retreat and catering)

Lynne began her professional life as a primary school teacher working in schools on the Kapiti Coast and Dunedin. Following three years studying scripture, theology and pastoral care in Melbourne and Dublin, she worked as a hospital chaplain developing a special interest in paediatric oncology. Recognising a need to develop her skills, she came to Auckland and trained as a psychotherapist. She recently retired after 20 years working as a psychotherapist in a hospice setting.

Lynne has a special interest in how we can use times of change and transition as opportunities for growth, development and participation in the everyday sacred.

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